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Guaranteed Rent

We provide professional HMO management services including GUARANTEED RENT within the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire area to local property and HMO landlords.​ We offer full professional management of your property, on a 3 - 5 year lease, from refurbishment, to onboarding and 24/7 management.

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Guaranteed Rent Service


You will receive guaranteed rent each month for the agreed period of time, usually between 3 - 5 years.


You will not be charged any upfront fees before, during or after our agreement. We will pay for all the refurbishment, maintenance and tenanting, giving you more freedom, peace of mind and truly passive income.


We'll manage and pay for the day to day running on your property, including all bills. So no more calling up energy companies or being on hold, we will do this for you.


We will look to refurbishment, update and upgrade your property for no extra cost, therefore adding value to your property whilst creating high quality accommodation.


If we experience voids, this will not affect your guaranteed rent, which will stay the same for the agreed period of time. If we do experience voids, that is our problem and not yours. You can sit back and relax with the knowledge of receiving your guaranteed rent each month, on time, every time.


We will take over full 24/7 management of your property, meaning you will not have to deal with tenant calls or queries, giving you more time and freedom. As we are local to the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire area, we will always be on call, 20 minutes away to provide our management services.

How does it work?

By entering into this type of agreement R Charles Property Management Ltd will effectively become the landlord of your property with regards to the rooms that are to be let out to our tenants.


We will provide you, the landlord with a commercial lease agreement.


The commercial lease will generally be from 3 to 5 years.


You will receive guaranteed rent from the us, and we will let out the rooms in the property individually.


As the owner you will be responsible for external or larger repairs which will be set out in the lease agreement, we will be responsible for minor repairs and maintenance.

We will be managing the property and the tenants will deal with the us directly.


Any deposits we receive by the tenants will be protected by us in a government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme, which is

As the landlord, you will benefit from being fully hands off and hassle-free from the day to day running of the property, therefore enjoying your guaranteed rent each month, on time, every time.

Benefits to Landlords?

Struggling to fill your rooms?

Experiencing high number of voids?

Fed up with managing your property?

Does your property need updating?

Do you have enough time to carry out day to day tasks?

Do you fear your HMO inspection or legal obligations?

In summary, our professional HMO management service will guarantee your rent, provide you with no more voids, marketing, viewing, referencing or management of your property, we will do this all for you. You will be able to have your freedom back, giving you peace of mind and creating you truly passive income.

High Street Agent vs R Charles Property Management Ltd

As you can see the monthly rent we pay you may be slightly lower than high-street agents charge, however the benefits and guarantees we offer more than compensate so that your monthly and annual income is higher with us than compared to the generic high street agent.


We become completely responsible for the management of your property and the various risks involved, while you receive guaranteed rent each month, on time, every time for the duration of our agreement. We make our profit from the difference, which is where we provide our high quality property management service to your property so you don't have to.

 Below is an example of a typical 5 bed HMO*

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Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed Rent from your HMO property for 3 - 5 years.

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