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Landlord FAQs

You’ve Got Questions–We’ve Got Answers

How many properties do you manage per year?

As we pride ourselves on being your local landlord within the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire area we only look to take on 1 property at a time, with a maximum of 3 properties per calendar year. This ensures we can provide our high quality, 24/7 management of your property to guarantee your rent and ours each month.

What type of properties do you manage?

We look to manage all types of properties but normally with a minimum of 2 bedrooms. We specialise in properties with 4 or more bedrooms and licensed HMO’s. If you’re unsure whether your property is right for us, please contact us to find out more on 01582 363 260.

How quickly can you take a property on?

After our first visit and inspection of your property, you will receive a written offer within 24 hours of the viewing. This offer will be based on the current market condition in the area, condition of the property and other factors. We ideally look to take on properties which are currently vacant, however this can be negotiated on behalf of yourself and the current tenants. Once we have signed the contacts, you can expect your first month’s guaranteed rent as agreed.

Does the property need to be furnished?

This depends on the current condition and type of furniture you have within your property. We look to provide a high quality, furnished finish to each room to provide our professional tenants with the high standard of living they expect. If your property does not meet the requirements we want to provide, then we will provide the furniture at no expense to you.

How much rent do I receive?

Upon viewing your property, we will consider factors such as room size, property location and whether the property is furnished which all contribute to the offer we make you. The Guaranteed Rent is negotiated on a case-by-case basis and can be up to 85% of the market rent.

Why can’t I receive 100% of the market rent?

Our professional property management service includes high levels of maintenance and management costs to provide our tenants with the highest standard of living, which benefits the landlord by keeping their property in good condition and even adding value through refurbishment.

How do I receive my rent?

As the landlord you will receive your rental payment as a standing order direct to your bank account for the agreed rent each month. This amount will be the same throughout the contract period, therefore guarantying your rent on time, every month.

Do I have to pay any upfront fee’s?

As a professional property management service we do not charge any upfront fees to our landlord unlike a traditional letting agent, we don’t charge you any fees. We take care of the refurbishment, on-boarding and 24/7 management of your property at our cost as the property manager.

Do I have to pay utility bills?

No you don’t. We know this is an on-going headache for landlords to keep track of and manage therefore included in our professional management service we will take over the accounts and payment of all utility’s bills, including, gas, water, electricity and TV/Broadband at our expense, all you will need to see is your guaranteed rent into you bank on time, every month.

What type of tenants will you target?

We pride ourselves on renting our high-quality accommodation to professional working or mature students, where each tenant will have to pass our pre-screening interview, employers and previously landlord referencing and professional credit & right to rent checks, therefore doing our upmost due diligence to ensure we attract the right tenants to help us look after your property.

How much wear and tear can I expect to see in a shared household?

You may be put of from the idea of multiple tenants sharing your property as the notion is they will cause more wear and tear; however, we take personal care of your property and treat it as if it was our own. Through a thorough inventory checklist at the start of the agreement, we will ensure your property is giving back to you in the exact condition we received it in, if not better. We normally refurbish, decorate and provide furniture to your property throughout the tenancy, therefore adding value to your property.

How can I be assured the property won’t get damaged?

As a local professional property management service within the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire area we will regularly inspect the house on a fortnight basis to ensure the condition is kept clean, tidy and undamaged. Through our fortnight inspection we will go through a 100+ checklist as the new landlord and manage any problems which may arise.

Who will pay for on-going maintenance?

We are responsible for the day to day maintenance of your property. Unless the maintenance is related to the structure of the building (e.g. roof damage) or an insured risk (e.g. fire), we’ll pay for the day-to-day maintenance e.g. leaky tap, broken furniture, tenant locked out, broken radiator etc. When we agree our tenancy with you, we’ll specify the details of everything you’re still responsible for, as a Landlord, and everything that’s now our responsibility. Items that may have an impact of the value of the property, such as a new boiler, will still be a cost to you.

What happens if one of the tenant damages something in the house?

We will cover the cost to get it fixed immediately, and then we will charge our customers. You would only be responsible for normal landlord maintenance, i.e. gas safety check, PAT tests on your electrical appliances, keeping the hot water system, radiators and water systems working etc. Our contract will state clearly our full responsibilities, along with yours.

Will I have to deal with the tenants?

No, we would become the management of your property, and would therefore rent your property out to our prospective tenants, therefore meaning all tenant enquiries will be our responsibility and not yours. This will mean we will deal with the 24/7 management of the property, including tenant phone calls, viewings, emails and meetings etc, giving you more freedom, peace of mind and creating truly passive income for you.

What if one of the tenants doesn’t pay or is late paying?

A huge benefit to you is there is no knock-on effect for any voids that we experience, as we guarantee your rent each month, therefore any voids will be our responsibility and your guaranteed rent will not be affected. We can ensure your guaranteed rent by carrying out our due diligence on our properties and the location they are in to make sure they are suitable for our tenants, thereby mitigating the risk of voids. If we do experience voids, which is very rare, this will not affect the rent you receive each month, on time.

What input will I have with the property once I sign a contract with you?

Upon signing the contract and once we take over the tenancy of the property, you can now become fully hands off and allow us to run the day to day management. This would mean that you could potentially not step foot in the house again for the agreed period if you didn’t want too whilst sitting back, relaxing and collecting your guaranteed rent each month, however if you did want to inspect the property then we are happy to accommodate this.

Do you only consider properties in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire?

As we mentioned above, we only look to take on 3 properties per year. As we are based in the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire area we will only look to take on properties within 1-hour drive of both locations, again this is to ensure we can provide our high quality, 24/7 management of your property. If your property is not within our catchment area but feel we can still help you, please get in contact today and we can discuss this further.

I have some friends which are also landlords – could you help them too?

Yes we can. When you recommend a landlord or friend we will pay you a referral bonus of £200 per property that we take on once the contract has been signed and a 3-month period has surpassed.

I have a whole portfolio of properties; do you take on multiple houses from one person?

Yes that’s not a problem. Providing they meet our criteria we are happy to speak and discuss this further, please get in contact today on 01582 363 260.

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