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Check In

When all referencing checks have been completed and we have agreed a date for the tenant to move into the property, we will meet with each tenant to go through the tenancy agreement and inventory, before handing over the keys.

Stage 1:


Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST), put simply, it is an agreement between a tenant and a landlord or letting agent for living in a rented property.


The agreement exists to protect both the tenant and the landlord, as it arranges for a tenant to live in the property for a fixed term, usually 6 or 12 months.

Within tenants AST contract will be important information relating to the rent, payment dates and both tenant and landlord obligations.

We encourage all tenants to read their AST contract before signing and returning to us.

Tenants will be required to pay their full one months rent deposit and one months rent up front during this stage.

To view our assured shorthold tenancy agreement - CLICK HERE

Stage 2:


Tenants will be required as part of their application process to provide a guarantor.

A guarantor (usually a parent or guardian) will agree to take joint responsibility for the rent for the property if the tenant fails to.


Guarantors are required to pay any rent arrears (if the tenant does not pay) and for any damages costing more than the deposit.

To view our deed of guarantor form - CLICK HERE

Stage 3:

Check In

We will organise a date and time for tenants check in with one of our property managers.

If tenants need support with moving in, then we are happy to provide additional support.

During the check in process we will to go through the tenancy agreement and inventory, before handing over the keys.

We spend time with each tenant going through the tenancy agreement, so that they know what their responsibilities are, and they know our duties as their landlord and the details of the arrangement.

Stage 4:


Our property manager will go over the inventory with each tenant and both parties will sign the inventory.

During this stage we will provide the tenant with 2 sets of keys and any remotes or fobs.


These are documented and signed for by the tenant to ensure we have a record of what keys were provided at the commencement of the tenancy.

Tenants will receive a copy of this inventory within 7 working days of moving in.

To view our tenant inventory form - CLICK HERE

Stage 5:



Upon successfully moving in, within 7 days tenants will receive copies of the following documents;

Tenants will also receive proof of their protected deposit within 30 days of check in.

Stage 6:



Tenants will be required to pay one months rent deposit and one months rent up front.

We use GoCardless to collect rent payments from tenants.

GoCardless is built on Direct Debit, a pull-based payment method.

Tenants complete a simple online mandate to authorise R Charles Property Management to collect payments automatically on due dates.

Setting up payment details only takes two minutes for tenants to complete online.


Tenants will always be notified by email when a subscription is starting or one-off payment is being taken.

This means no more tenants logging into online banking, updating expired card details or forgetting to pay.

By using GoCardless, we ensure our tenants payments are fully protected if a payment is ever taken in error.

Stage 7:



Our tenant house induction is a crucial foundational appointment that sets the tone and expectations for our future relationship with our new tenants and also directly affects the health of our relationship with our tenants.​

The purpose of our thorough house induction is to provide clear and right expectations to tenants from the start of their tenancy, we believe this is paramount to substantially increase the chance of a smooth and successful tenancy.

Tenants will be introduced to current tenants they will be sharing a house with, be shown the waste recycling routine and appliances within the property, including being provided with our fair use policy and tenant handbook.

To view our fair use policy - CLICK HERE

To view our tenant handbook - CLICK HERE

Next Steps:


Once tenants have been fully onboarded, we look to provide a high quality co-living experience combined with excellent customer service throughout their tenancy agreement.

To view the next steps - CLICK HERE

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